Our wedding photography packages are designed for couples who prefer an artistic eye rather than the same-ol, same-ol.  Well, allow us to make this promise right now… we do nothing that’s typical, usual, or run of the mill.  Sure we’ll get the essential shots with grandma and auntie but the rest of your day will be captured as it unfolds, uninterrupted and candid.

We can always add things like a second photographer, a wedding album, or a custom-made coffee table book for your guests to sign.  And if you’re feeling extra spunky, ask us about the “Trash the Dress” opportunity… no better way to wrap up your wedding than taking that gown for another spin, weeks later!  Wanna go horseback riding it in?  Why not!  I’ve got just the spot for it, too!  Wanna take it to an abandoned rail yard and hang off of graffitied rail cars?  Bring it!  This Zebra is not just a photographer… she’s a rail nut too!  

I Do

Wedding packages start at an $2,995 and include a complete set of your high-resolution photographs. Check availability now and schedule a consult!


We have to be honest.  Putting babies into baskets and inanimate objects with their chins resting on their hands while they sleep is unnatural, posed and down-right silly to us.  Sure it’s the trend and while we curse Anne Geddes for getting people hooked on it, there will come a time when people will laugh at these photos like they do at our middle school shots with laser backgrounds.  Until then, Zebra will continue to shoot families a little differently.

Our family portraits are about the family, when the baby’s awake.  More importantly, we focus on the natural flow of your family.  We will very seldom pose a shot because we prefer to catch the candid smiles during a a diaper change and lunch time or perhaps a burst of laughter and a kiss on the forehead.  Never forced.  Never staged.  Never choreographed. Just you as you are, which is the most beautiful your family can be.

Oh Baby

Family portraits start at $495 and include a complete set of your high-resolution photographs.


So a quick confession.  Many many (MANY!) years ago, Happy Zebra modeled for a split second but just enough time to have gained incredible perspective into the industry.  Taught her things about herself that pleasantly surprised her (she’ll tell you that story another time) so what we bring to models today is that double perspective – what will get their foot in the door and how can we, as a photographers, capture that for them.  

But that’s not to say everyone considering this shoot is actually also thinking about a modeling career.  Perhaps you just want to feel like a supermodel, stop traffic (yes, that’s happened on a shoot before!) or immortalize your 20s glow in a day of fashion and photography with the Zebra.  Someone once told us, “women in my family don’t age well. I’ve figured I’ve got another 2 to 4 years before all this [points to knock-out body] is kaput.” So we shot all that [the knock-out body] and immortalized it.

Point is, whatever your motive, modeling career or immortality, we’ve got the lens for it so call us.

Strike A Pose

Fashion photography sessions start at $495 and include a complete set of your high-resolution photographs.


We’re always amazed at the number of people out there with absolutely amazing idea.  And many of them so outrageously simply, we have a hard time accepting that we didn’t come up with it first. Shark Tank has a million of these but what we love about the many awesome products that people conjure up is the opportunity we have occasionally to photograph them.  At weddings, photographers will focus in on the detail shots because couples spend so much time making thinking of them and making them just right but those details shots ends up secondary to the wedding so the awesome part about doing product photography is that it’s ALL about the detail shot.  Blur the background, frame out the peeps and voila!  Products!  Products for days!  

So if you’ve got a great idea (or a shoe you’d like us to photograph), give a shout!  We love the heck out of product shoots.  And occasionally we’ll do zany things like go out at sunrise for it.  Word of caution: Starbucks is not open that early. 

For Sale

Product photography starts at $595 and includes a complete set of all your high-resolution photographs.


General rule of thumb: when Biden comes to visit, time to hire a pro. Corporate and event photography is our shtick so why leave it to the intern to “just take a few photos.” No offense to interns.  God knows they save our butt umpteen times a day! But when it comes to capturing that important launch you’ve worked all year on, that fundraiser that saves lives and empowers urban youth, that alumni gathering for folks that haven’t seen each other in 30 years, that memorial for Boston Marathon bombing victims and survivors? Wouldn’t you want that covered by someone who can capture the emotion, the surprise, the joy, the laughter, the tears?  Wouldn’t you want that left into the hands of a professional photographer who will allow the intern to do other important things at the event?  

That’s where we come in and that’s where we can help you focus on what you’re good at so you don’t have to worry about the things that will later help you tell a complete-with-pictures-story in a more valuable way.  In the end, you’ll also be able to use these photos immediately on social media platforms as well as other marketing initiatives.

Social in Boston

Event coverage starts at $895 and includes a complete set of your high-resolution photographs.